Baking was the first memory I have with my mom. I am sure most bakers feel the same, it is that childhood memory. A warm comforting memory. I remember standing atop this metallic purple chair, whisking eggs as my mom greased the pan. I remember her holding my hand and showing me the correct way to move my wrist. Since then I would bake for pleasure, mostly for my friends and family. Pastry’s always felt like home to me. The funny thing is that painting and art have always inspired me and it was not until I was hired as a cake decorator based on my art portfolio that I realized this is something I love. The ability to create delicious art and bring pleasure to peoples eyes as well as their taste buds.

Minimum $200 per order
$6.00-$10.00 per serving
Free pick-up in Bushwick,Brooklyn
Delivery $.58 per mile

*contact directly for exact quote*

For all inquires regarding sales, availability or custom commissioned pieces please contact me at